Playtech’s Newest Slot Game Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2 from Marvel Movies was released in 2010 and became a huge hit. It was nominated for an Oscar Award for the Best Achievement in Visual Effects. Industry-leading online gaming software developer, Playtech, has a contract with Marvel Movies to create slot games based on superheroes from different movies. Due to the success of the movie, Playtech was quick to launch the Iron Man 2 slot game.

Since the movie displayed incredible visual effects, the slot game also had to be amazing. Playtech did not fail in this aspect. The graphics in the Iron Man 2 slot game are much sleeker and more realistic than the original game. The six symbols in the game appear graphically as a single image that occupies two rows. However, each section of the image on the reel is considered independent and applies to that reel.

At the beginning of the game, the reels display the three main characters in the movie which include Natalie Rushman, Ivan Vanko, and of course Tony Stark, the alter ego of Iron Man. The highest possible payout in the game is granted by the wild symbol which is the American Eagle icon. This represented the United States government which is heavily involved in the plot of the movie.

The free spins round is generated by at least three Iron Man 2 logos appearing on any of the reels. Unfortunately only 10 free spins are awarded and the bonus round cannot be retriggered. However, this round pays a handsome sum. Within this round, Playtech grants users an increasing multiplier which begins with payouts being multiplied by two and increases by one with every two spins. Also, an extra wild symbol remains in the middle throughout the round.

Being that Iron Man 2 is a progressive slot and linked to the Marvel Jackpot Network, players have another way to win big. The four-level jackpot increases levels in the following order:

  • Power
  • Extra Power
  • Super Power
  • Ultimate Power

Although the progressive jackpot round is activated at random, a higher chance of hitting exists when larger wagers are placed. Once this round is triggered, it is guaranteed the player will hit one of the four levels. The jackpot round is played in the same manner as for regular slots, only with a much larger payout.

Iron Man 2 the slot game offers all the same excitement as the movie. Playtech surpassed the expectations of players with this game. The visuals are nothing short of incredible and the gameplay is unmatched. This is sure to become an instant hit and turn into a classic slot game.